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How to Keep Your Hair Straight After a Keratin Treatment

How to Keep Your Hair Straight After a Keratin Treatment 0

The Keratin Treatment Process

Keratin treatment involves adding keratin to the hair in order to smooth it and and decrease frizz. It can give you amazing results to smooth and straighten hair that is naturally curly or wavy and reduce frizz. However if you don't look after it properly the results may fade away quickly after your treatment. The process takes approximately 90 minutes and can decrease your home straightening process by up to 60%. Results can last between 2 and 4 months, depending on your hair type as well as how many times you've had the treatment done. 

The Best Secrets for Short Hairstyles

The Best Secrets for Short Hairstyles 0

Get the Look

Short hairstyles is an art, if you get it right. They need some TLC and we have the insider secrets to help you get the look. Women are choosing short hairstyles for a variety of reasons, from looking for a bold look to wanting less hair to manage. Whatever your reason don't be fooled that short hair needs no maintenance because it definitely still does. 


The Choppy Look



Feeling funky? The fun pixie short hairstyle is a common choice. And it’s simple to do, grab your favourite product and with dry hair work the product into the hair to create texture. We like the Edgy Haircare Nugar Paste ($18.95). You can also make create some flicks by using a hair dryer.

6 Ways to Grow Long Hair

6 Ways to Grow Long Hair 0

Cut Your Hair To Grow Long Hair

Hard to believe but scissors may be the answer to getting long locks. This might sound absurd but just hear us out. Getting a regular trim every 4 to 6 weeks will remove those split ends. Which is vital if you want to grow long hair because split ends will end up creeping their way along your shaft and in the long run you'll have to cut off more than if you trimmed regularly. 

Get The Most Volume From Your Curls

Get The Most Volume From Your Curls 0

Embrace Your Curls

It’s common for girls who have naturally wavy and curly hair to straighten their hair too often. But too much heat styling can damage your hair and create all kinds of issues like dryness, excess frizz and worsen split ends. One of the best things to do is to give your hair a "styling rest day" and stay clear of the hair iron. Instead, style your hair by enhancing your natural waves and curls by using the following 3 steps:

Men’s Haircuts are Making a Comeback

Men’s Haircuts are Making a Comeback 0

Men's Haircut: Casual Hold


This look has holiday vibes and feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon (with a beer in hand).  If you're looking for a dry look then this will work for you. Apply the Edgy Shockrock Gum ($18.95) on dry hair and rub it back. Tousle with your fingertips to reshape and let it dry naturally for a more casual, dryer look. Try brushing the hair once dry for a less wet finish.


Now matter which men’s haircut and style you go for be sure to use a quality product to keep your style going all day or into the night.

Pastel and Rainbow Colours are Trending This Winter

Pastel and Rainbow Colours are Trending This Winter 0


Photo Credit: http://www.elleuk.com/beauty/hair/articles/g31402/hairstyle-trends-for-2017/?slide=6

These colours will turn heads, so expect them to grab the attention of spectators walking by. But who doesn't love a little attention, especially for all the right reasons. Sometimes life is too short to not try something new and exciting, remember to be bold and most importantly to be you.