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How to Keep Your Hair Straight After a Keratin Treatment

How to Keep Your Hair Straight After a Keratin Treatment

The Keratin Treatment Process

Keratin treatment involves adding keratin to the hair in order to smooth it and and decrease frizz. It can give you amazing results to smooth and straighten hair that is naturally curly or wavy and reduce frizz. However if you don't look after it properly the results may fade away quickly after your treatment. The process takes approximately 90 minutes and can decrease your home straightening process by up to 60%. Results can last between 2 and 4 months, depending on your hair type as well as how many times you've had the treatment done. 


They’re Not Created Equal


Most shampoos on the market contain sulphates, which is a terrible thing for your hair because it decreases the keratin levels.The reason they include sulphates is because it makes the product lather and foam but if you want to maximise the results from your keratin treatment it totally isn't worth it. It doesn't make sense to invest in a keratin treatment, to then use a shampoo that decreases keratin. Sulphate free shampoo and conditioners are becoming more and more popular on the market and will make your straight hair last longer. A good option is the NFuzion Professional Essential Keratin Sulphate Free Shampoo ($19.95). It’s also important to note that shampoo with keratin in the ingredients helps the effects of the keratin treatment last longer. To seal the cuticle and helps lock the results in place use the NFuzion Professional Essential Keratin Conditioner ($19.95).

Don’t Get Wet, Just Yet.


How many days should you avoid washing your hair after a keratin treatment? The answer is 3 days. Even a sweaty workout at the gym is best to avoid because you want to keep your hair dry as much as possible. Another tip which isn't essential but will help, is using a silk pillowcase as it will decrease the friction on your hair while you sleep. 


Let it Rest


After your keratin treatment avoid using hair ties and putting your hair into tight ponytails because this restriction on the hair can leave you with kinks and lines. Once the product has settled you can start using them after a week. 



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