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How Do I Get the Best out of my Salon Colour?

How Do I Get the Best out of my Salon Colour? 14

To keep your colour intact, avoid washing hair everyday as washing removes protective oils and hair colour that was recently applied.  Using a colour friendly shampoo is very important. NFuzion Professional Moisturising Shampoo, and NFuzion Essential Keratin shampoo are both safe for colour treated hair, and will help to gently rehydrate dry hair and to keep it looking vibrant. 

How to Keep Your Hair Straight After a Keratin Treatment

How to Keep Your Hair Straight After a Keratin Treatment 57

The Keratin Treatment Process

Keratin treatment involves adding keratin to the hair in order to smooth it and and decrease frizz. It can give you amazing results to smooth and straighten hair that is naturally curly or wavy and reduce frizz. However if you don't look after it properly the results may fade away quickly after your treatment. The process takes approximately 90 minutes and can decrease your home straightening process by up to 60%. Results can last between 2 and 4 months, depending on your hair type as well as how many times you've had the treatment done. 

The Best Secrets for Short Hairstyles

The Best Secrets for Short Hairstyles 38

Get the Look

Short hairstyles is an art, if you get it right. They need some TLC and we have the insider secrets to help you get the look. Women are choosing short hairstyles for a variety of reasons, from looking for a bold look to wanting less hair to manage. Whatever your reason don't be fooled that short hair needs no maintenance because it definitely still does. 


The Choppy Look



Feeling funky? The fun pixie short hairstyle is a common choice. And it’s simple to do, grab your favourite product and with dry hair work the product into the hair to create texture. We like the Edgy Haircare Nugar Paste ($18.95). You can also make create some flicks by using a hair dryer.

6 Ways to Grow Long Hair

6 Ways to Grow Long Hair 1

Cut Your Hair To Grow Long Hair

Hard to believe but scissors may be the answer to getting long locks. This might sound absurd but just hear us out. Getting a regular trim every 4 to 6 weeks will remove those split ends. Which is vital if you want to grow long hair because split ends will end up creeping their way along your shaft and in the long run you'll have to cut off more than if you trimmed regularly. 

Winter Ways to Style a Short Fringe 0

Change up your look this winter by working an edgy, short fringe. We all know the pixie cut is Hollywood's latest cult 'do, favoured in recent months by Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams and Emma Watson amongst many. This timeless asymmetrical crop is made for the girl who wants to get noticed, however, if your fringe isn't styled correctly it can look a little harsh.

Take the cue from our styling options below to get noticed this winter.....

Wet Look Side FringeLong Side Swept Look (Pixelformula)

1. The Wet Look

The wet-look trend isn't just for long hair. For a runway-ready finish, style your tresses into a side-swept wet look fringe. Start by creating a side part then use a comb to distribute a small amount of gel through the roots of your straightened hair. Gently comb your locks back into place, except for the front section- this should be combed forward and over one eye.

2. High on Volume

This style is super cute, and can dramatically alter your entire look. Use a volumising matt clay after washing, and blow dry using a barrel brush, paying particular attention to the hair at the front, to master this heavy fringe.

3. Softly Tousled

This romantic, tousled style is the perfect combination of edgy and feminine. Add a small amount of mattifying product (putty or wax) to your palms and then run your hands through your hair, pulling it forward and across your forehead.

4. Long & Side-Swept

A sleek, side-swept fringe can give your hair the drama it needs. To begin, use a serum or oil, such as NFuzion Zero Frizz Serum, before blow-drying for added shine. Once dry, use a flat iron to smooth your hair over and down across your face. Finish with a mist of hairspray for added shine and hold.

So there you have it, four versatile ways to take hold of this killer hair trend. Which look will you try first?