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Achieving a Perfect Bouncy Blow Dry This Festive Season

Achieving a Perfect Bouncy Blow Dry This Festive Season 31

The festive period is creeping up on us, and you know what that means; a plethora of party invites. When you show real commitment to looking your best, you know that your hair can make or break your look. One hairstyle that'll never let you down is the classic bouncy blow dry.

If you're unsure how to proceed with making your hair bounce and curl, don't fret. With the right guidance, you'll master your blow drying techniques in no time.

Have you ever dreamed about changing the way you use your Hairdryer? Prepare to be amazed!

Have you ever dreamed about changing the way you use your Hairdryer? Prepare to be amazed! 0

Say goodbye to the deafening, droning and unhealthy sounds of your hairdryer.

Hairdryers are noisy!

Ladies, and some of you gents, it’s almost a daily ritual so maybe we’re just used to putting up with it, but…

What if I told you there was an easy way to get rid of that ringing sound in your ear?

Working in a Salon with loud music and not being able to talk over the sound of your hair dryer, or when you are at home and have children who hate the sound of a loud hair dryer. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have great hair without the unwanted damage to your ear drums? Get excited because here is a solution for you.

I present the Parlux Melody Silencer! You will definitely want to get your hands on one of these, and priced at just $29.95!


How Wahl Clippers Changed the Hair Game

How Wahl Clippers Changed the Hair Game 4

The Revolution of the Wahl Hair Clippers

Hair clippers have revolutionised the hair industry and the experiences of customers around the world and since their arrival, barbering has been changed forever. Before their introduction, hair dressers and barbers used scissors, combs and razor blades, yet this didn't allow as much hair creativity in the salon. In 1919, Leo J Wahl introduced the Wahl brand of clippers to the market and they quickly became one of the most popular and trusted brands.

In 1965, the very first vacuum clipper was introduced and in 1967 the first cordless hair clippers were produced by Wahl. Again this made strides gain within the industry, allowing even further creativity and style within the salon and hair dressing industry.


The Best Secrets for Short Hairstyles

The Best Secrets for Short Hairstyles 39

Get the Look

Short hairstyles is an art, if you get it right. They need some TLC and we have the insider secrets to help you get the look. Women are choosing short hairstyles for a variety of reasons, from looking for a bold look to wanting less hair to manage. Whatever your reason don't be fooled that short hair needs no maintenance because it definitely still does. 


The Choppy Look



Feeling funky? The fun pixie short hairstyle is a common choice. And it’s simple to do, grab your favourite product and with dry hair work the product into the hair to create texture. We like the Edgy Haircare Nugar Paste ($18.95). You can also make create some flicks by using a hair dryer.

Pastel and Rainbow Colours are Trending This Winter

Pastel and Rainbow Colours are Trending This Winter 1


Photo Credit: http://www.elleuk.com/beauty/hair/articles/g31402/hairstyle-trends-for-2017/?slide=6

These colours will turn heads, so expect them to grab the attention of spectators walking by. But who doesn't love a little attention, especially for all the right reasons. Sometimes life is too short to not try something new and exciting, remember to be bold and most importantly to be you.

Hair Styling Products Online Review 0

Hair Styling Products Online Review

Over the last 30 years as a hairstylist, I have personally used and tested many hair care and styling products on my clients, family, and friends hair.

While it’s good to try new products and fragrances, particularly when you get them for free from the retailer in the hope that you write them positive reviews, it definitely goes without saying that not all hair products are made EQUAL.

Many of the styling products I have tried have been complete and utter failures, that didn’t do what they where designed to do at all and in some cases left the hair and hairstyle worse for wear.

How to find the most suited styling product:

So as a “stylish hopeful” where does one start to look or whom should you listen to and TRUST?

Your hairdresser is naturally the first person to ask for advice, but be careful here because in many cases they may be promoting only one or a few select ranges that they have available with biased and invested interests.

Asking friends can be helpful, but be weary because what works for them and their hair type may not work for you.

You should try searching online as this is a good place to begin. Use the web to research, read reviews, compare products, and prices and all from the comfort of your armchair. The more informed that you are, the better chance you will have of finding the best possible styling product for your hair type, and hairstyle requirements.


What to look for in a styling product:

Remember that a styling product’s predominate function is to help you recreate your hairstyle, make your job easier, and make it hold and LAST. The list below shows many detailed examples of what different hair styling products have been designed to do.

  • To hold your hairstyle in place over time.
  • To help create volume and body.
  • To add texture and defined shape.
  • To add shine and gloss.
  • To enhance or define natural curls & waves.
  • To help smooth out frizz or unruly hair.
  • To guard and protect hair from heat, styling, and the outdoor elements.
  • To add moisture and seal the cuticle.
  • Wash out in water (water soluble) the good ones.

So look at your current hairstyle and styling needs first, and then choose the best styling product to suit these attributes.

After using several products, there where two haircare styling products that passed the test with flying colours from the EDGY range of styling products. Both products did exactly what they claim to do, help support and hold the hairstyles, while washing out completely (water soluble). 

1: Edgy Smoothe n Grume

This 3 in 1 leave in conditioner and styling cream has a pleasant fresh fruit aroma and is perfect for dry or wrecked hair. You only need to apply a small amount (roughly the size of a dollar coin) on damp hair, to the mid lengths and ends before blow-drying and styling. You will immediately notice how your hair becomes detangled and more durable, easier to comb and brush. The product has a UV protector built into it that will shield your hair protecting it during styling and then afterwards when you venture outdoors.

What completely sold me was how my blow-drying time was actually more than halved. So not only did all my client’s hair look and feel amazing, but it actually saved me valuable styling time while it helped hold their hairdo’s all day too.

PRICE: I rate this as very affordable, only $18.95 for a professional salon quality product 200 mls in size.

Where to buy it:

Edgy Smoothe n Grume is available from most leading hair salons or right  here



2: Edgy Fiberfi Matt Paste

Is a water-soluble and pliable paste with a strong hold factor used mainly on shorter haircuts that require ragged texture. This product works really well on straight to wavy hair types on both men and women. What I particularly liked about the paste was how it also helped to add volume and body to fine hair types without the sticky effect, and how it completely washes out and does not build up in the hair.

Fiberfi will allow you to place and shape your hair in any way you like and won’t “lock you out” like some other strong hold pastes on the market, meaning that you have time to manipulate the style before it sets.

PRICE: Exceptional price and great value, only $18.95 for 100 grams that should last many months.

Where to buy it:

Edgy Fiberfi Matt Paste is available from most leading hair salons or  here

So once you work out which product is for you, give it a go. I am sure that you will be very impressed as I was.

Roy Caccamo - professional hairstylist - salon industry writer.