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Clippers vs Trimmers: How do I choose the right tool for me?

Clippers vs Trimmers: How do I choose the right tool for me? 1

For personal hair grooming there are many tools that can be used to conveniently groom and manage your body hair. With that being said, there is a lingering question over the difference between hair clippers and hair trimmers, and importantly, which tool is best suited to your own needs.  Let’s find out more...

How Wahl Clippers Changed the Hair Game

How Wahl Clippers Changed the Hair Game 0

The Revolution of the Wahl Hair Clippers

Hair clippers have revolutionised the hair industry and the experiences of customers around the world and since their arrival, barbering has been changed forever. Before their introduction, hair dressers and barbers used scissors, combs and razor blades, yet this didn't allow as much hair creativity in the salon. In 1919, Leo J Wahl introduced the Wahl brand of clippers to the market and they quickly became one of the most popular and trusted brands.

In 1965, the very first vacuum clipper was introduced and in 1967 the first cordless hair clippers were produced by Wahl. Again this made strides gain within the industry, allowing even further creativity and style within the salon and hair dressing industry.


Men’s Haircuts are Making a Comeback

Men’s Haircuts are Making a Comeback 0

Men's Haircut: Casual Hold


This look has holiday vibes and feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon (with a beer in hand).  If you're looking for a dry look then this will work for you. Apply the Edgy Shockrock Gum ($18.95) on dry hair and rub it back. Tousle with your fingertips to reshape and let it dry naturally for a more casual, dryer look. Try brushing the hair once dry for a less wet finish.


Now matter which men’s haircut and style you go for be sure to use a quality product to keep your style going all day or into the night.