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6 Ways to Grow Long Hair

6 Ways to Grow Long Hair 1

Cut Your Hair To Grow Long Hair

Hard to believe but scissors may be the answer to getting long locks. This might sound absurd but just hear us out. Getting a regular trim every 4 to 6 weeks will remove those split ends. Which is vital if you want to grow long hair because split ends will end up creeping their way along your shaft and in the long run you'll have to cut off more than if you trimmed regularly. 

The Best Shampoo for Brassy Hair

The Best Shampoo for Brassy Hair 1


No blonde wants brassy hair. But don't worry, we’ll reveal the reasons why it happens and how to fix the dreaded golden hue with the best shampoo and conditioner on the market for blonde hair.


Believe it or not, even 10 mins in the sun can start the process of your blonde hair turning to gold. All that effort (and money) in the salon to get your hair to the perfect shade of blonde, down the gurgler because of the suns UV rays. How frustrating, because who doesn't love baking in the sun. However don't fret because we have a solution and it includes the best violet shampoo and conditioner for beautiful blonde hair.

The best shampoo for dry hair 0

What is dry hair?


When you run your fingers through your hair, does it feel rather brittle, crunchy, or rough to touch? Does it look dull, lack body & bounce, and just look like straw? Is it hard to brush, and does it tangle and get knotty really easily?

If anything from the summary above applies to you, then you have dry hair.


People often write to us to ask for advice for their dry hair, and invariably they have three questions that always stand out, 

1- Why is my hair dry? 

2- Why do I have dry hair?

3- What do I need to do to fix my dry hair problem?

To begin with, it’s worth noting that nobody is born with dry hair. Hair is simply a protein chain that grows out of your scalp, and with the exception of bad health or particular drugs that can alter the protein chains composition, for the most of us what happens after hair is born is what changes it to become dry.

So once your hair is “born” or formed down deep in the Papilla, it begins to grow outwards and at the same time your scalp produces sebum (natural oil) to help lubricate it, and keep it moisturised.

Sometimes not enough sebum is produced that leads to dry hair. This lack of natural oil leaves the hair exposed, or raw and dehydrated, making it look, and feel dry.


External factors that make your hair dry:

On top of this natural reason for people having dry hair, there are many other contributing factors that can make your hair even dryer than it should be including;

  • Using a harsh shampoo that will strip away all of your natural oils and leave it exposed to moisture loss.
  • Using heat appliances that smooth out, straighten, or curl your hair by temporarily changing the moisture structure within the hair itself.
  • Blow-drying your hair too often.
  • Using Alcohol based styling products that evaporate moisture from the hair.
  • Exposing your hair to the sun, UV light, wind, or dry air, even air conditioning.
  • Using chemicals like hair colour, bleach, or relaxers that can damage the cuticle layer and leave your hair damaged and feeling dry.
  • Using a brush with split bristles that can damage your hair and leave it feeling rough and torn.

So as you can see, there are so many reasons why hair becomes dry, and so it’s no wonder that the ratio of dry hair to oily hair across the Western World is 90% for dry hair, and only 10% for oily hair.


How to fix dry hair:

What dry hair needs most and is screaming out for is moisture. Therefore naturally the first place to start, is with a good moisturising shampoo that is designed specifically to help bring dry hair back to good health.

One of the best dry hair shampoo’s is NFUZION Replenish Shampoo

Used by plenty of people, this dry hair shampoo is a “moisture drink” for dry, coloured, damaged, stressed, and dehydrated hair due to a number of key ingredients that include;

  • Hydrolysed Silk Protein that will strengthen & seal damaged hair fibres leading your hair to feel silky soft & smooth with plenty of shine.
  • Panthenol that directs moisture into hair to thicken the hair fibre, and that will maintain moisture balance of your hair & scalp.
  • Gentle but Strengthening Cleanser that will get your hair clean and add some protein at the same time.
  • PH6,this is where healthy hair needs to be and this dry hair shampoo will provide you with this balance. 


The NFUZION Replenish Shampoo also comes in a 1 litre size and is great for all hair types and textures, from fine, to coarse, straight, to curly. It is affordably priced at only $18.95 for the 375ml size, or $26.95 for the 1 litre size where your hair will feel much better immediately after using it just once.

The next thing to do is use a dry hair conditioner to seal the hair and leave it with the same moisturising properties. NFUZION Replenish Conditioner is the perfect compliment to the shampoo.


A few more ways to fix dry hair:

If your hair is really dry, it may need some extra help to keep it moisturised and protected. This is very important particularly if your hair is long and if you overdo any of the dry hair external factors we mentioned before.

NFUZION Professional Hair Booster will protect against UV light, chlorine, and salt water. A must for the entire family in Summer.

And for hair that is already damaged we recommend:

NFUZION Intensive Professional Repair Treatment that will reconstruct your dry hair with Silk Amino Acid Complex to strengthen and repair it.

So if you have dry hair, don’t despair…the good news is that it can be fixed once you use the best dry hair shampoo, conditioner, and other complimenting dry haircare products.

Try them for yourself...you will be glad that you did.

The Best Hair Treatments 0


The Best Hair Treatments:

How much do you know about hair treatments? I mean the word "treatment" implies that your hair is getting treated to something, but to what? Is it really a good thing to do, or moreover is it really necessary and does it help at all?

The problem is that the word treatment is very overused. You can treat just about anything these days from your new leather hand bag, your eating disorder, your gold fish, through to your lawn, and much more. So when we hear hair treatment being used or we see it somewhere, we generally switch off or view it as marketing jargon.

The reality is that treating your hair is actually a very important thing to do and for a variety of reasons.


Why you need a hair treatment:


Human hair is physically speaking dead. You will know this from each time that you have had your hair cut, you didn't require any pain killers or anaesthetic now did you? Even before your hair leaves the scalp it has formed into protein chains that will remain in that texture, colour, and order until a time that you alter it naturally, chemically, or physically.

Do I have your attention yet? From the following which of these apply to you?

  • Natural hair changes include things like being exposed to sunlight, UV light, wind, air conditioning, and other atmospheric conditions that GUESS WHAT, we are all exposed to. These natural things can leave your hair feeling dry, damaged, and in need of a hair treatment.
  • Chemical hair changes include things such as water, chlorine, detergents (bad shampoos), some bad styling aids, hair colour, bleach, and other chemicals that change the inside of your hair leaving it damaged and in need of repair or a series of hair treatments.
  • Physical hair changes to your hair can be caused when you over blow-dry it, use an old brush with split bristles, apply heat through cheap and nasty ceramic irons, comb out knots on longer hair with no de-tangler that can stretch the hair shaft breaking the cuticle and leaving it exposed to more potential damage.

And don’t forget folks in Summer time, you will need more than ever to put a good treatment in your hair to replace what this seasons always takes out of your hair, and without you even noticing.


Your hair can't regenerate or repair itself:


As mentioned previously, your hair is not alive and therefore cannot repair or fix itself once it looses moisture, or protein from any of the reasons above.

This is why you need to replace lost moisture, and protein through professional hair treatments, and why you MUST do this before your hair breaks or splits because if this happens, then I am afraid you have left it too late to fix it.


How do hair treatments work?


The best hair treatments will rejuvenate damaged, dehydrated hair with a mix of protein and moisture that is specifically formulated to strengthen and repair broken hair bonds and put a protective coating over the cuticle or outer layer. They replace moisture while they repair or re-build protein elements within the hair shaft that inevitably get lost along the way over time from the many reasons as explained previously here. 

JUST BE CAREFUL – some advertised treatments do nothing to fix or repair your hair and can end up costing you more than you should ever pay!


NFUZION intensive repair treatment - Is this the best hair treatment?


Intensive Repair Treatment Is a versatile 3 in 1 product, a conditioner to detangle and rebuild, a moisturiser to replenish and smooth and a treatment to strengthen and boost condition for the ultimate smooth and manageable hair.

Protein Reconstructor Cream with Silk Amino Acid Complex: Strengthens & repairs broken hair bonds & boosts moisture & elasticity of hair and improves hair manageability.


Protection Formula: Protects hair from UV, wind and locks colour in after colour service.


Lightweight, Fast working Formula: Works in 3-5 minutes without weighing hair down.


Intensive Conditioners: Boost shine and condition into the cuticle for maximum smoothness and manageability.

How It Is Used: Treatment – Apply after shampooing, comb through hair and leave for 3-5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


How Often Is It Used: Treatment – Can be used daily to rebuild condition and then weekly to maintain strength and condition of the hair.

Special OFFER:


Right now when you purchase 2 you will get 1 FREE click here

This amazing product and price has to make it the best hair treatment currently available in our opinion.

We hope that this article has helped you understand more about hair treatments and just how important they are