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The Best Shampoo for Blonde Hair - Say No To Brassy

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Do You Unfortunately Have Brassy Blonde Hair?

No blonde wants brassy hair. But don't worry, we’ll reveal the reasons why it happens and how to fix the dreaded golden hue with the best shampoo and conditioner on the market for blonde hair.

The Golden Sun

Believe it or not, even 10mins in the sun can start the process of your blonde hair turning to gold. All that effort (and money) in the salon to get your hair to the perfect shade of blonde, down the gurgler because of the suns UV rays. How frustrating, because who doesn't love baking in the sun. However don't fret because we have a solution and it includes the best violet shampoo and conditioner for beautiful blonde hair.

Has Your Hairdresser Done Their Job?

Another reason why this can happen is simply that your toner has washed out. While at the salon your hairdresser has done the right thing and lightened your hair by putting in a toner, but just like all good things, it can’t last forever and the toner has simply come to the end of its shelf life. Now the third reason is that your hairdresser hasn't done the right thing and hasn't removed enough golden pigment out of the hair. The result is they’ve left your hair looking yellow, raw and brassy. And nobody needs that.

Okay, here comes the good news… The Best Shampoo Around

The solution is to use a product that will counteract the brassy warm tones. There are a few on the market but unfortunately most simply don't hit the mark. The reason is they have the wrong colour correcting ingredients. The best shampoo we have found is the Professional Blonde Revitalising Shampoo by NFuzion ($18.95) because it does the best job at revitalising and neutralising the unwanted brassy hair tones. It contains silk proteins to add strength and shine and importantly uses a violent formula which doesn't build up in the hair. If your goal is to change the tone of your hair from brassy to blonde, we suggest to use it daily. Once you have reached your desired shade of blonde hair, you can start to use it on a weekly basis for maintenance and prevention. Directions on how to use this product are standard, however in the case of very brassy hair, apply it to completely dry hair and leave for 10 mins before you rinse. This will give you an instant toning effect - a great little tip for people who are in desperate need for instant results, another reason why we think this is the best shampoo.

Every Batman Needs A Robin

Of course, every good leader has a supporter. The Robin to this Batman duo is the NFuzion Professional Blonde Revitalising Conditioner ($18.95). It is responsible for sealing the cuticle and helps prevent colour fade. It also has a pH of 5.5 which is ideal for returning the blonde hair strands to maximum strength. Interestingly these two products also work on people with dark hair who want to reduce warm orange tones as well as people with grey hair to add shine.

So Be Blonde Hair Confident

So whoever you are, we can all agree that brassy yellow hair doesn't have to be a thing. Of course, we don't recommend to completely stay out of the sun because that is no fun (or practical). So the solution to getting knockout beautiful blonde hair is to choose the best shampoo and conditioner available.

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